We are a Specialist Dealer of Verosol products here at Taits Interiors.

We have been trained in all aspects of their product range so we can advise the best possible solution to your Window furnishing project.

They are widely recognised around the globe for their wonderful Pleated Blinds which have been on the market for 20 plus years and are still one of the most versatile blind products in todays market. The fabrics and variations possible with Pleated Blinds are outstanding and exclusive to Verosol.

The Roller Blind systems produced by Verosol are also of a superior quality. Once clients have these in their homes, they understand the quality and finish and can never use standard Roller Blinds anywhere else in their homes.

The Mode Roller Blind has a sleek, contemporary finish and by using a spring assisted Chain Drive, the operation is smooth and effortless. Its headrail allows for a neat, clean Installation.

The Ambience Roller Blind appears to be a standard Roller Blind. The Quality of its system allows it to be both affordable but it outweighs so many systems on the market.

The many fabrics and options available exclusively to Verosol make them a clear leader in an industry flooded with inferior product standards.

Visit them at or phone us to make an appointment to view their full range of products.